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Cooking Like a Master Chef…. BLT Sandwich

Having hosted Master Chef semi finalist Wayne Sullivan at Brew & Bake last week to cook his dishes from the show it reminded me of a few things.

1: My telephone interview a few years back for Master Chef. I don’t remember much of the conversation I was driving (hands free) and was obversely going somewhere more important then to spear 5 minutes to talk about who was my cooking inspiration (I started telling them some reality show story about standing on a stool watching my nan etc etc etc….).

2: An old blog post I wrote about how to cook like a Master Chef.

Plagiarism, The Best Complement?: Chilli Roasted Aubergine & Cumin Roasted Butternut Squash…

Unless you’re Heston Blumenthal (who I know is too busy to read my blog) the inventor of snail porridge and bacon ice cream the recipe you are about to cook and claim as yours isn’t really yours. Us chefs/cooks will tweak, reinvent, amend and play around with every single recipe know to man and like fashion every twenty years we see the same dishes in favour again.