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I’m Feeling Supersonic, Give Me Gin & Tonic: The Perfect Summer Gin & Tonic

It’s too late for Pimms o’clock?  it’s now half past gin.

I’d never class myself as some one who is “Bang on Trend” (Young peoples speak for “of the moment”) but I originally wrote this post about my love for gin for my old blog (pre Brew & Bake) 3 years ago. The only thing that dates this post are the brands mentioned. With gin now “Bang on Trend” and in the Cotswolds alone having some great producers of gin, Siblings  / Brennen & Brown / Cotswold Distillery  why wouldn’t you jump on the gin train?

Brew & Bake goes to London (Coffee Festival)…

This first blog post was supposed to be our “Hello & Welcome” to our new website & blog. For the last two years we’ve had a website (albeit not very good) but now you can order lunch, buffets & cakes directly from our website and read our blog about what we’re thinking & what’s going on.

But as I’m writing this on my way to London Coffee Festival I thought I’d combine the two.