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Q: What do Michael Bublé And Brew & Bake Have In Common?

Steal oneidea and its theft; Steal many ideas and its research – Michael Bublé 2018

Who would have though that of all the famous philosophers out there (Aristotle, Plato & Socrates) I would be quoting singer Michael Bublé.

I was recently watching a TV program and Michael Bublé was talking about how he had learnt to copy his favourite singers. A little bit of this taken from Frank Sinatra, A bit more “un-huh-huh” from Elvis and to finish off a little bit of this from Dean Martin. “Its ok” he said I blend them all together and I end up making it my own.

This got me thinking Baking is pretty much the same.

To my mind I can only think of 2 truly unique and new ideas that have come out in recent times, The Cruffin & The Cronut. Even the inventor of the later one took inspiration from the formal one for its name.

For those of you that don’t have instagram or have been living under a rock one is a hybrid of croissant and doughnut (Cronut) and the other is a cross of muffin & croissant (Cruffin).

Over the years we have researched many ideas, we’ve taken a bit of this song cake, added it to this cake and topped it with this cake but now we have found something unique; Customisable topped giant brownies.

These brownies are perfect for any celebration or gathering and me can customise to your taste and top with almost unlimited options. For more information and to order one contact us.


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