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When is a Cafe not a Cafe…

You don’t have to be a member of Mensa or be able to complete the Times crossword to figure out the answer to this. If you haven’t worked it out yet or its on the tip of your tongue the answer is….Brew & Bake of Course.

My friends know how to push my buttons “Hi Mark how’s the cafe going?” my response is always “we’re a coffee shop.

To some I may be splitting hairs but if you bare with we I’ll try to explain my thinking. I’m going to be making a few sweeping statements here and I’ll apologies in advance but like when I was playing football as a youngster my ball, my rules.

Comparison 1: Breakfast

Whether it’s a greasy spoon, a road side cafe or somewhere as fantastic as the Curious Cafe across the road from us, my first thought of a cafe is somewhere where you can get 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, beans, mushrooms, 2 toast and a builders tea, here at Brew & Bake we are a little more refined. Toasted English muffin, Bath Road butchers bacon, & lovely free range eggs from Cackleberry Farm.

Comparison 2: Coffee

Some (apologies for the sweeping statement) use instant coffee, Here we use a company based in Witney Called UE Coffee, Their coffee is roasted using wood and is the only coffee company in the UK using this method.

Comparison 3: Cake

We make all of our cakes on site and we are constantly changing what we do, except our Salted Caramel Pecan, this has never come off the counter.

Comparison 4: Sandwiches

I once had a member of staff suggest that we put “tuna, mayo & sweetcorn” on the menu. Said person didn’t last much longer at Brew & Bake. There is a time and a place for the classics but we like to put our own twist on things. Currently on our menu you will find, Parma ham, fig chutney, goats cheese & rocket, Turkey, blue cheese, onion marmalade & rocket or our take on the classic ham & cheese, Roasted Ham, Cheese Rarebit & Rocket.

Comparison 5: Extra Curriculum Activities

Away from the daytime “shop activities” we offer a whole range of other such as: buffets, private hire, baby showers & supper clubs.

Hopefully now you can understand why I don’t like us to be called a Cafe, and before you ask have I ever liked it when we have been called a Cafe the answer is yes once.

“The 2016 Taste of Gloucestershire award for best cafe goes to…”

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