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I’m Feeling Supersonic, Give Me Gin & Tonic: The Perfect Summer Gin & Tonic

It’s too late for Pimms o’clock?  it’s now half past gin.

I’d never class myself as some one who is “Bang on Trend” (Young peoples speak for “of the moment”) but I originally wrote this post about my love for gin for my old blog (pre Brew & Bake) 3 years ago. The only thing that dates this post are the brands mentioned. With gin now “Bang on Trend” and in the Cotswolds alone having some great producers of gin, Siblings  / Brennen & Brown / Cotswold Distillery  why wouldn’t you jump on the gin train?

The top 3 food related things I love are: Coffee (strong & black), peanut butter (organic & crunchy) & Gin (slimline tonic, ice & lime).

Gin & Slimline contains around about 80 calories, A pint of beer/wine has 250+ calories per glass (not per bottle). If these statistics don’t justify you wanting to put down your wine or beer and pick up G&T nothing will.

I started drinking gin for the above reason a few years ago and have fallen in love with it ever since. I had a brief fling with spiced rum, ginger beer & lime but as they say absence makes the heart grow stronger.

In the early days of my courtship with gin I was playing the field with 2 suitable partners London Beefeater who was the girl next door, sensible, reliable and was never going to be swayed by the latest fade or fashions, The other contender was Bombay Sapphire even her name was sensual, exotic & mysterious. Now Miss Sapphire had expenses taste (around £10 a bottle more), she was in to the latest fashion and would have been the cool kid on Instagram.

In the early stages of our relationship neither brand was making any moves to try and win my heart. This was due to the fact pubs and bars were too busy making overly sweet mojitos (strawberry, lychee and even pineapple & sage) to worry about us G&T drinkers.

Fast forward a few years and the tables have turned, gin is the new kid on the block (it’s only been around 200+ years) and everybody wants a part of it. Now when you walk in to a bar, pub or club (not that I’ve to any clubs in a few years) you have a plethora of gins to choose from and if that wasn’t hard enough you should see the choices of mixers.

So as my relationship with gin goes in to its 7th year do I feel an itch coming on?

My perfect G&T for a sunny (or any other) day.

100ml Good quality slim line tonic (or standard tonic). It’s best to use small 200ml bottles of tonic so it doesn’t lose it’s fizz.
1 Lime
25ml Good quality gin
Ice Cubes
Elderflower cordial (optional)

Start by rolling your lime about 6 times on your chopping board, this will help the juice come out the limes. Cut the lime in half and then in to thirds. This will give you 6 wedges. Don’t worry you can free what you don’t use for next time.

Squeeze a lime wedge in to a nice hi ball glass and then drop in the lime wedge. Crack open your gin and pour out 1 shot (2 if you want a double). If you don’t have a measure use the lid it’s 15ml.

Fill glass with ice, pour in 100ml of tonic and stir. If the drink doesn’t feel the glass add ice. Finish off with a another wedge of lime and an optional shot of elderflower cordial.

If this isn’t perfect enough for you try a supersonic gin & tonic. Use the above recipe but replace the ice with gin granita.

Gin granita

100ml Water
200g Caster sugar
150ml Gin
500ml Tonic water
2 Lemons, juiced

Heat the sugar & water until sugar has dissolved. Add the gin, lemon juice & tonic water. Allow to cool and place in freezer for two hours. Stirring the granita every 30 minutes.

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