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Brew & Bake goes to London (Coffee Festival)…

This first blog post was supposed to be our “Hello & Welcome” to our new website & blog. For the last two years we’ve had a website (albeit not very good) but now you can order lunch, buffets & cakes directly from our website and read our blog about what we’re thinking & what’s going on.

But as I’m writing this on my way to London Coffee Festival I thought I’d combine the two.

I love London, but the only problem about living in Cheltenham is the distance from London. Take the 6.15am National Express coach (my ride in to London) and it takes nearly 3 hours to Victoria but as cheap as £6 including the booking fee its worth it if you are not tight for time, or trying to work as you cant use a full size laptop whilst seated and now I’m stuck carrying it all day.

The coach driver stopped at Marble Arch so I decided to get off and it’s more central and a quick tube ride away I’m at Bethnal Green Tube Station,

London Coffee Festival is located in Brick Lane, which is only about a mile away so as I grew up in the area I decided to take a walk in the sunshine and reminise

Walking down Bethnal Green Road it got me thinking how lucky we are in Cheltenham to have a selection of good coffee shops, however Bethnal Green Road  has as many if not more good coffee shops on the one street as the whole of Cheltenham.

A short while later I was in Brick Lane, for those of you that don’t know Brick Lane it’s the epicentre of good curries, hipsters & beigels (not bagels, this post is going to be too long with out posting the difference between the two).

My reward for enduring the coach ride? A salt beef beigel with mustard & pickle & a Crosstown doughnut.

By now I’ve been up nearly 5 hours and haven’t had a cup of coffee, learning from my mistake last year there is enough free coffee inside so being uncaffinated isn’t a bad thing.

A short wait in line and I’m inside.

Once inside it’s like a mecca for coffee fanatics, shiny coffee machines, enough free coffee & tea to make the 5 hours wait for a coffee worthwhile, gadgets, latte art smack downs, coffee martinis & more.

So why after 2 hours am I leaving? Its hot, there’s no air, its busy and I can’t take hipsters asking why I don’t have a beard & tattoo’s if I own a coffee shop.

As its turned out to be a nice day I take the quick walk up to Roman Road to another shop I follow on social media Mae & Harvey. I thought it was just the photos on Instagram that made it look small but once inside it is actually only just a counter and around 10 chairs. I opt for a juice (I’ve had way too much caffine) and a sandwich both very nice and by the time I’ve left I’ve had a coffee.

As I finish writing this I’m sat on the train back to Cheltenham via a stop in Bristol Parkway but for £33 its better than taking the bus.


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