Top 6 criteria for evaluating coffee cups

What are the best reusable coffee cups on the market right now? It’s not about ugly coffee travel mugs anymore. You can pick well-designed and functional cups or mugs that keep your coffee hot. There are many options to choose from, actually too many options and that’s the main reason for making this case as a guide for picking the best reusable coffee cup for you!

Thermal Loss

Perhaps the most important question for many of you is which cup keeps coffee hot the longest. We designed a simple test starting with 70°C water and taking measurements after 10, 20, 30, and 60 minutes.

The main idea was to see the insulation performance of the cups side by side. By observing the results I can divide cups into three main categories. The winner was Kinto Travel Tumblerwith only 9°C temperature drop in 60 minutes followed by Carter Everywhere Mug. These are basically thermoses that can keep coffee hot for a very long time especially if you preheat it before pouring coffee. unlike regular thermoses though you can comfortably drink coffee from them

. Then we have Frank Green Ceramic and KeepCup Thermal that keeps coffee hot enough even for longer commute or a drive. The 60 minute temperature drop was about 16°C. The rest is in my opinion  designed to drink coffee straight away or during a short commute. The cup that kept the coffee hot the least was the glass KeepCup Brew. The 60 minute temperature drop was 31°C

Leak Test

Now let’s shake the cups and turn them upside down to see if they are really leak proof if some of them claim. The obvious loser is husky cup that has holes in the lid. It was followed by both keep cups that leak some coffee.

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All the rest proved to keep coffee inside I was surprised how well the Loveramics Nomad Cup performed with the simple silicon lid. Once again I would divide the coffee cups into three categories. I wouldn’t be too worried throwing Kinto Travel Tumbler or Carter Everywhere Mug into a bag if you don’t make a mistake closing a lid properly they shouldn’t leak any coffee even in rough conditions.

I would  comfortably put rCup and Frank Green Ceramic into a side pocket of the back in a vertical position the press mechanism of the lid is amazing but can keep some liquid that could possibly leak out of the cup. All the rest I would rather keep in my hand to prevent any possible damage.


Since you want to travel or commute with these cups and mugs the weight is important too. the lightest from the review was Huskee Cup with 161g and the heaviest was Loveramics Nomad Cup with 331g.


Most of the cups we tested are dishwasher safe with exception of Kinto Travel Tumbler and partly Frank Green Ceramic where the lid part is okay but you should not put the cup into a dishwasher. The press mechanism of the rCup and Frank Green is a little tricky and you need to also reassemble it from time to time for proper cleaning.

Brew Compatibility

If you like to brew coffee at home the easiest way is to brew it directly into the cup. We want to see what cups are compatible with the AeroPress, ceramic V60 with wider rim and plastic V60 with a narrow rim.

Most of the caps are suitable for all brewing devices Except for Kinto Travel Tumbler that is not compatible with the AeroPress and ceramic V60 and Frank Green Ceramic that is not compatible with the AeroPress

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Drinking Experience

The most subjective test or evaluation was a drinking experience. Usually people favor  ceramic or glass over plastic silicone or stainless steel. It wasn’t different for us but we looked at it in two scenarios – with and without lid.

Without the lit the clear winner was Loveramics Nomad Cup with its porcelain cup followed by KeepCup Brew with a glass cup. The third pick was quite surprising – the Carter Everywhere Mug made out of stainless steel. They shaped the thin lip in a way that connect quite nicely on the mouth it takes some time to get used to but it should actually be mimicking the cabernet glass.

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