Benefits of drinking coffee properly

Ever wondered if coffee is healthy for you or not why do you feel the way you feel when you’re drinking coffee why waking up you’re looking for this nice warm cup of coffee to make you kick off your day, why do you miss it when you’re trying to quit if the answer to these questions is yes and you’re curious you will find out in this video we will go through the positive and the negative effects of coffee to our body which compounds are responsible for this behavior and an exclusive look into the state-of-the-art labs here at queen’s university belfast when we are conducting excellent research around coffee

So is coffee good for you is it good for your body?

Well a true scientist will tell you that coffee consumption is regarded as a beneficial for various health reasons, that the coffee extract has been extensively investigated for various pathological models in vitro and in vivo and there are anti-inflammatory antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic effects! Well, no stop let’s just speak plain english can we all agree that after we’re drinking this nice cup of coffee we are feeling Elevated, our mood is better we feel warm and we feel alerted?

Well. why is that most of us admit that we are better in cognitive tasks, our memories better, our performances better we’re even better at the gym. I will add something more here that coffee is a powerful appetite Suppressant, it helps people trying to lose weight and gosh it does work i have seen it myself! But i guess i want to take you somewhere else. I want to tell you that coffee speaks to our brain speaks to our heart this warm cup of coffee it just makes us feel warm in our heart.

Right. well probably too much well for many and that’s true the cup of coffee is company, my friends it’s a nice company… but what is inside coffee that makes us feel like that? there are a number of things in there but the most important thing is, you guessed it, caffeine! To get nerdy for a Second, caffeine is an alkaloid of the methyl xanthine class and it’s naturally found in plants, not just in coffee, there are 60 different types of plants worldwide containing caffeine and it is a central nervous system Stimulant.

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In fact it is the worst most widely applied psychoactive drug and if that scared you we’ll hold your horses because i’m going to explain further. All coffee drinks have caffeine it is naturally present in the beans and it is extracted in the Coffee.

This compound is responsible for most of the brain effects that we have seen. Even decaffeinated drinks have a little bit of caffeine and it is down to the way that they are produced. here is an example of some of the coffee drinks and their caffeine content as you see a regular cup of coffee contains about 130 milligrams but notice the range for a second. it is amazing how large the variation is mainly due to the coffee beans composition but also slightly influenced by the way it is prepared. if you are like me you are consuming about two cups of coffee a day and this is 200 milligrams of caffeine daily intake, which is the low to moderate zone. in the table i just showed you.

I am drinking coffee for over 20 years now and i have never been off more than a couple of days in a row. I don’t know.. I just wanna i just wanna sit down but i don’t know if i do sit down whether i will relax… so is coffee good for you for your health and for your body? let’s find out.

Yes, largely, it depends, the answer is more nuanced but the data shows that is good for you large epidemiological studies often break the news there was one a couple of years ago that was all over the place, it showed that moderate caffeine and coffee against consumption two to four cups daily has beneficial effects to your health not only to your brain and your mood , we’re now talking about your actual health your life expectancy your cardiovascular health we are talking about protection against diseases such as diabetes cancer and metabolic syndrome.

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And it is not just caffeine which is responsible for that there are all sorts of other compounds such as polyphenols which are contributing to this activity, in these large epidemiological studies they follow thousands of people over the years and they try to link coffee consumption with health. but it’s just a mere Association, is not a cause and effect type of study for example if we follow the people of Crete, which is an island in the south of Greece, who are coffee drinkers, we might establish the association between a low-risk disease and a high coughing consumption but say there might be other parameters at play for example, the Mediterranean diet.

Note that we haven’t done a study administering coffee to thousands of people for a lot of years and understand their health implications. as a scientist i do see the controversies between linking coffee consumption and health and it is down to the way that the studies sometimes are designed and communicated that some things can be highlighted and some other things can be set aside but of course there are the facts that excessive and improper coffee consumption can negatively impact your health it can influence your sleep.

The majority of the adult with sleep problems they should first check their coffee intake before even going to the doctor and complaining about their insomnia. It can also give you an adrenaline spike and in some people this manifests into tachycardia that is when your heart beats very very fast it can also influence your blood pressure ; if you have a history of hypertension you should be careful with excessive coffee consumption and my friend’s house not that coffee was strong it was probably 12 grams of coffee in my cup but i you know i just shouldn’t be like that but i am like that so i’m just wondering what is your case…

And if you decide for whatever reason to quit coffee completely and you are going cold turkey cutting it immediately from one day to the next you are going to experience withdrawal symptoms, that’s a fact. if you are one of these people and coffee affect your sleep try minimizing it try cutting it in half learn how your body reacts to a coffee whether you have a lighter or a stronger coffee and if it was a late or an earlier coffee it depends on several things on your coffee habits on your genetic sensitivity towards coffee and at the time of the day that you are drinking coffee. Caffeine has a half life of six hours so this means that if you had a cup of coffee in the morning at 9 00 am and it was about 100 milligrams of caffeine then by 9 pm in the night you will still have 25 milligrams of caffeine in your blood and for some people this is significant..

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Habit or pleasure?

Do we consume coffee and caffeine for pleasure or for purpose? this is a controversial subject . Are you the kind of person that you can’t function in the morning until you have your cup of coffee? do you feel lethargic do you feel craving coffee first thing in the morning or after lunch to feel productive and to feel concentrated at work well maybe then or you have it as a habit you have it to keep you company as we said before to have it as a nice way of getting your day by are these nice feelings that we get when we drink coffee our mood elevated, due to the caffeine and the coffee OR due to the temporary withdrawal from caffeine? the pleasure that we get when we are satisfying our mini craving for caffeine, this temporarily pleasure, this mood elevation is because we missed caffeine, we didn’t have it for 12 hours, that is the end of the morning and then i need it i really need it… caffeine needs about 30 minutes to be absorbed and its effect lasts from three to eight hours according to the individual so all of these nice feelings that we get immediately after consuming coffee Well, it’s the it’s not the caffeine Itself, it’s the notion of us drinking coffee..

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