7 Tips for good quality coffee at home

Let’s see 7 tips for good quality coffee at home according to science.

Number one

Buy beans not ground coffee grinder beans add come and invest in an early-level grinder, a blade grinder can do but even better a burr grinder.

Number two

Buy local freshly roasted coffee within a month of roasting is fine. Check your local roasteries online. If you do like this video press subscribe because we do have lots of nice content coming up for you and it really helps a lot a small channel such as this one.

Number 3

Buy small quantities of coffee and then keep them in an airtight container. Use a rubber band as well or if you’re a foodie and you have something even better like a vacuum sealer, that’s fine. But keeping them airtight and buying small quantities is a must.

Number 4

Drink two to three cups of coffee a day before 5:00 PM. If coffee is your thing, make sure you watch my video on coffee and if it’s good for you and also the one helping you make Greek or Turkish coffee from scratch.

Number 5

For best cappuccinos at home hit your milk at 60 to 70 dC using a thermometer then you can use a French press to press the milk and incorporate air into it that’s where the foam stability is best. but don’t overheat it because the protein doesn’t like too much heat.

Number 6

When you’re out and about pick the medium to small sizes of coffee. Don’t buy into the culture of huge coffees with 300ml and 3 to 4 shots of espresso! That’s very strong. That’s too much coffee in one go. Go for smaller end

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Number 7

Drink your coffee slowly, don’t rush it, don’t shallow it excessively hot for a lot of reasons, not just because of the inconvenience. Enjoy your coffee responsibly and if you want to learn more, buy a balance buy beans, control your grind size and also control the amount of water used and the amount of coffee that produced.

Play with these variables and record the results in a notebook. Let me know how it goes if there is any question about coffee I will be very happy, put it down in the comments I will reply to you. Self-experiment and you will learn lots.

And if you have a specific question about what experiments we can do at home or what can we do in the university; what exactly we do on a daily basis, then let me know down in the comments and I will gladly see if I can do it for you.

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